2021            IF YOU DIE, IT IS NOT MY DEATH, video project produced by Bedside Productions, Copenhagen

2021            CO-CHARACTER, group show at MACA, Amsterdam

2021            PREPARING FOR DARKNESS vol. 5: Melancholic Resistance, group show at Kühlhaus, Berlin

2021            NADIA TEHRAN, photographic works

2021            LISS, photographic works


2020            PRIVATE SONG I, group show curated by Hong Gyun, Doosan Gallery, Seoul          


2020            LUDICITY, group show curated by Puer Parasitus, Exhibition Space Q, Copenhagen

2019             MOTHER’S MILK, group show curated by Josephine Schendel, Dapper, Amsterdam

2019             SAUCE ISSUE 3: FULL TILT, group show, De Brouwerij, Amsterdam

2019             UNSEEN “THE GRAUDATES“, 9 selected photographers, UNSEEN, Amsterdam

2019             PHOTOGRAPHIC GRADUATES EXHIBITION #2, selected newly graduated photographers, Melkweg Expo

2019             SHE’S YOURS NOW, graduation show, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

2019             AUSPUFF, group show,  Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam

2019.            EVERYTHING BUT THE BAG, 2 photographic works  in  exhibition by Simon Marsiglia, Amsterdam 

2019             SAUCE ISSUE 2: PROBIOTIC, group show,  De School, Amsterdam

2018             COLLECTIVISM, photographic group show, FOAM, Amsterdam

2018             CUDDLE PUDDLE & BABY’S BERSERK, exhibition in collaboration with fashion designer Elzinga,

                      Althuis Hofland Fine Arts, Amsterdam

2018             SAUCE ISSUE I: THE ZOO, group show, De School, Amsterdam


2021            MOLINA, album cover and press photos

2020            SICKY MAGAZINE, Luca de Tena, Campaign and lookbook, Madrid   

2021            DOMINIKA ROSGAARD, press photos, Copenhagen

2020            METAL, photographic work commissioned by Subbacultcha, De School, Amsterdam

2020            KHALILH2OP “SEID“, A/V installation made in collaboration with KhalilH2OP MONOM, Berlin

2020            NU by NØX, music video 

2020            NXS #5 Virtual Vertigo , cover art

2019             NXS #4 Algorithmic Anxiety, cover art and editorial

2018             ID Magazine