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2023            ON THE FIELD OF PLAYING: ACT 1, solo show, inter.pblc, Cph

2023            UNG DANSK FOTOGRAFI'23, group show, Fotografisk Center, Cph

2023            THE FIRST FLOWER: ASTRIT ISMAILI, photographic cover art, Amsterdam


2021             PRIVATE SONG I, group show curated by Hong Gyun, Doosan Gallery, Seoul          

2020             LUDICITY, group show curated by Puer Parasitus, Exhibition Space Q, Cph

2020             MOTHER’S MILK, group show curated by Josephine Schendel, Dapper, Amsterdam

2019             UNSEEN, 9 selected photographers, UNSEEN, Amsterdam

2019             PHOTOGRAPHIC GRADUATES EXHIBITION #2, selected newly graduated photographers, Melkweg Expo

2019             AUSPUFF, Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam

2019.            EVERYTHING BUT THE BAG, Amsterdam 

2019             COLLECTIVISM, FOAM, Amsterdam

2018             BABY’S BERSERK, Althuis Hofland Fine Arts, Amsterdam


2022            FRAADS, photographic works

2022            FRANCESCA BURATTELLI, photographic works

2022            DRAGONGIRL, photographic works

2021            NADIA TEHRAN, photographic works

2021            LUCA DE TENA, Campaign and lookbook, Madrid   


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