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ev’ry  VOL. 1 (2021)

Interactive performance with video elements

Created by art collective -PHILE

Sydhavn Teater, DK


Why humans design androids in an idealised image? 

On stage, an AI sexbot, ev’ry, is separated from the audience by a thick transparent screen. The audience can observe her closely while she can only see herself. Throughout the 10h performance, 10 participants are invited to join ev’ry in her intimite room. The narrative repeats itself every time a new participant enters the room. The performance investigates the repetition as a comment upon the relationship between robots and humans.


The international art collective -PHILE wants to explore how a queer approach to algorithms, technology and artificial intelligence can lead us into unknown territory and widen our notion of sexuality and gender. We want to explore how interdisciplinary media can respond to one another and how to democratize all media in the process. 


Screenshot 2021-10-08 at 17.46.05.png
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