Fairness On The Field Of Playing (2021 - )

Photographic series and video installation


“Fairness On the Field Of Playing” is a new work-in-progress. The multimedia piece explores the pressure to appear indestructible in order to maintain or elevate our positions within societal structures. I am researching the way in which gendered codes shape our understanding of power and masculinity, referencing texts such as; psychologist Jordan B. Peterson’s “12 rules of life” and trans theorist Paul B. 's “Testo Junkie”. I am gaining a deeper understanding of human behavior by analyzing different forms of power dynamics within the animal kingdom, for example; The Pecking Order of chickens, dogs’ bowing before playing and how lobsters claim territory and change their brains’ neurons by faking confidence and strength.

The piece is composed of three different chapters; Obedience, Agility and Behavior. The three steps of ‘how to train a dog,´which is a metaphor for human adaptation to dominant social rules.