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on the field of playing: ACT 1

September 21 - October 1, 2023




on the field of playing: ACT 1 operates within the terrain of domestication, specifically the practice of training and taming of our canine companions. In Ville Vidø’s theatrical universe, we witness the convoluted play between trainer and animal, a reflection of the systems of power, as well as (for some) the debilitating codes of behaviour in our efficiency-centric world. Navigating this societal framework with bipolar disorder has forced Vidø to use survival tactics of role-playing as a masquerade of power, consistently battling the expectations of obedience and mental agility. Submission and dominance: Depression and mania, become dichotomous forces and a metaphor for alienating and dividing hierarchies. The fictional characters of The Field insist we co-speculate, to dream forward more caring structures - allowing alternative narratives, individuality, and unique experiences. 


on the field of playing: ACT 1 marks Ville Vidø’s debut solo show in the form of a tactile installation incorporating photographic sculptures, sound score, and site-specific chalk illustrations merging the indoor and outdoor spaces of the gallery. 

The works will develop and travel to Fotografisk Center as part of the exhibition Ung dansk fotografi ‘23 (opening on November 3) where Vidø is one of five selected exhibitors. 

Curator Laura Gerdes-Miranda 
Soundscore Pim Sem Benjamin 
Talents Nomis Ladko, Mxgdo, Huncho
Technical design Charlie Boy
Steel structures production Smedjen På Christianshavn 

Supported by Statenskunstfond and #rådetforvisuelkunst

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