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SAUCE Magazine, 2017 - 2019


SAUCE Magazine was an independent student-run platform created by Ville Vidø in late 2017, aiming to provoke unexpected collaborations and initiate fruitful frictions between the current students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, regardless of the department they belong to. With its roots established in fashion, SAUCE navigated as a body that could go in different directions and take unknown forms. Each issue followed a defined theme as a starting point for research, and the resulting contributions are gathered in one 

publication designed and produced by students from the Graphic Design department.

We published 3 issues (#The Zoo, #Probiotic, #FULL TILT), 3 launch parties, 3 exhibitions and co-produced a night with fashion performances in Amsterdam.


SAUCE Magazine was sold at San Serriffe and Atheneum in Amsterdam.  

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